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BOOKING AND DISCOUNTS 1. FOXpress and FOX Pay Now program discounts apply to (time and mileage) base-rates only. Taxes, fees, surcharges and optional items (Insurances/coverages, car seats, GPS, additional , etc.) are not discounted when using Pay Now program. 2. Optional items (insurance/coverage, car seats, GPS, additional , etc.) may be added at the time of a Pay Now reservation, but must be paid for separately upon pick up at the rental counter. With the FOXpress app, optional items are paid for at the time of booking. 3. Taxes, fees and surcharges are calculated separately and charged at the time of booking. 4. FOXpress/FOX Pay-Now discounts may not be combined with any other discount or program (FOX coupon programs, third-party coupons, etc.). 5. Except as set forth in these FOXpress/Pay Now policies, all Standard FOX credit/debit card rules and policies apply at the time of pickup. See location policy pages for full details. 6. If you booked your FOX Pay Now reservation at a third-party website, online travel agency, or other non-FOX site, you will need to contact your original booking source to manage, cancel or re-book your reservation. FEES/ CANCELLATIONS 1. All FOXpress/Fox Pay Now reservations are non-refundable. If you cancel your FOXpress/Fox Pay Now reservation, you will forfeit the full amount of your reservation payment. 2. At the time of pick-up, you must present the same credit card/debit card which was used to pay for your FOXpress/Fox Pay Now reservation. If the card you used to book your FOXpress/Fox Pay Now reservation is lost, stolen, or replaced by the card issuer and cannot be presented at the time of rental, you will have to process your reservation at the rental counter, and Fox will waive the cancellation fee at the time of pick up. RESERVATIONS AND MODIFICATIONS 1. FOXpress/FOX Pay Now reservations cannot be modified. Please cancel and re-book your FOXpress/FOX Pay Now reservation at 2. Changes to your pick-up and/or drop-off dates or location for a FOXpress/FOX Pay Now reservation will require a cancellation of the original reservation and re-booking of a new reservation at current rental rates. 3. Optional items (insurances/coverages, car seats, GPS, additional , etc.) may be canceled or added on your FOXpress mobile app with no modification fee. 4. All Standard FOX policies regarding Early/Late Returns, Extensions and 3rd Party Reservations made on a partner site (booking site or outside source) apply to FOX PAY NOW Reservations. SECURITY DEPOSIT FOX applies a deposit to your card at the time you complete your booking. You authorize us to apply this deposit against your card to guarantee rental charges and, in the event that you have additional fees or charges due, you hereby authorize us to apply funds you have on deposit with us against what you owe to FOX. The charge will be refunded when your rental has been completed. See policies for PAYMENT and DEBIT CARD for security deposit amounts. GENERAL RULES 1. Availability of the FOXpress/FOX Pay Now rates or discount is limited, is subject to change without notice, may be subject to blackout dates and is void where prohibited by law. 2. You must meet standard FOX renter, age, driver and credit requirements. 3. 24-hour advance reservation is required.

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Non-Local renters (DL address must be more than 150 miles from rental location) may rent using the following method(s) of payment and must meet all standard rental qualifications, including -

1. Must produce a Major Credit Card or Debit Card (Please see the Debit Card section below for requirements).

2. Must produce a Drivers License bearing the same name as is on the card.

3. Credit Card/Debit Card and Drivers License must be presented at the rental counter at the time of pick up.

Local renters (who have an address within 150 miles of rental location) may NOT use a Debit Card, and must meet all standard rental qualifications, including -

1. Must produce a Major Credit Card.

2. Must produce a Drivers License bearing the same name as is on the card.

3. Credit Card and Drivers License must be presented at the rental counter at time of pick up.


1. The credit card must have the available funds for the estimated amount of rental charges, plus a deposit of USD/150.00.

NOTE - LOCAL RENTERS in Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Oakland, Orlando, San Francisco, San Jose, Salt Lake City and Tampa must have available funds for the estimated amount of rental charges plus a security deposit of USD/500.00.

2. Unused funds will be returned through the credit card processor after the vehicle is returned. Due to bank processing, a return of funds can take between 2 to 5 business days to appear in the Customers account when using this form of payment.

3. The address stated on the Renters valid Drivers License will be referenced to determine the Renters primary residence.

4. We do NOT accept miniature key tag-style credit cards.


Please see separate DEBIT CARD policy below.


Note - This policy is held company-wide: with the exclusions of Oakland and Phoenix, who do NOT rent with cash as a rental qualifier at time of rental for International Customers only.

Documents Needed (must be presented at the rental counter at time of pick up):

1. Valid Passport From Country of Origin

2. International License

3. License From Country of Origin

4. Airline Itinerary Return Confirmation

The International Customer also must satisfy the following conditions:

1. Customer must have a reservation (no walk-ins).

2. They may only rent Economy through Full-Size vehicles.

3. Must present a current valid Passport from a country other than the United States.

4. Must present a valid International License along with a current valid license from the same country as passport.

5. Must present a returning airline itinerary with confirmation of a return travel date.

6. The vehicle must be returned prior to the return date and time of departure as stated on flight confirmation itinerary.

7. In U.S. currency, leave a cash deposit of USD/150.00 plus the estimated amount of rental charges. Unused funds will be refunded by check and sent within 14 days of car return.

8. A phone number (i.e., an operating phone) to be contacted in case of an emergency while the vehicle is on rent.


Prepaid Credit Cards from any card supplier are NOT accepted as a form of payment at time of rental.


Major Credit cards, Debit cards, prepaid American Express/Visa/MasterCard, and cash always accepted as payment upon return.


One-way rentals are available between FOX CORPORATE locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Washington only. VEHICLE RENTALS ORIGINATING IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA CAN ONLY BE DRIVEN WITHIN THE STATE OF FLORIDA. Drop charges vary by location.


Fuel Policy: Vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel as at the start of the rental to avoid refueling charges.


Child Safety Seats: in California, state laws require children eight years of age or younger, less than 80 pounds in weight, to be in a child restraint device. In Arizona, children five years of age or younger must be in a child restraint device. In all FOX corporate locations: Driver with children must refer to the current state and city law regarding child passenger safety laws. Child Seats rentals are USD/9.99 to USD/12.99 per day. If the seat is not returned in the same condition, less normal wear and tear as received, a cleaning fee will be assessed. If the seat is damaged a repair or replacement charge will be applied.

GPS Units: GPS units are available for rent at USD/9.99 to USD/11.99 per day. Please ask for details at the time of rental.

XM Radio: XM Radio is only available on select rental car classes, including luxury vehicles. Please review your rental vehicle at pick-up to determine if this feature is active.

OnStar: OnStar is only available on select rental car classes, including luxury vehicles. Please review your rental vehicle at pick-up to determine if this feature is active.

Hand-control vehicles: Compatibility for hand controls varies by vehicle make/model/manufacturer. FOX Rent A Car locations provide rental services to accommodate all customers, and comply with the stipulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Reasonable advance notice is required; our usual need is 72 hours but this period may vary. This policy applies to our US corporate locations only, as accommodation, laws, and compliance outside the US varies by location. Hand Controls are currently compatible with the following vehicle classes - Intermediate Sized Sedans, Full Sized Sedans and Minivans.


FOX vehicles are allowed in Mexico cities/states closest to the California and Arizona borders only when purchasing Mexico Insurance. Please refer to the Mexico Insurance section for the area of coverage that is allowed.


The FOX Las Vegas location is open 24 hours daily.


1. Rates are always displayed in US Dollars at website for all locations.

2. Rates for foreign locations or locations that do not use US Dollars as the local currency can fluctuate at any time based on currency conversion rates at the time of pick-up or drop off.

3. Rates that are impacted by a website technical issue, database issue, or other means will not be honored by the location if the rate display was inaccurate due to a technical issue or tampering issue to change the rate display.


Going North on Hwy 15

- Take Exit “Silverado Ranch Blvd”

- Drive East on Silverado Ranch Blvd

- Turn left on South Las Vegas Blvd (direction North)

- The Location is at the corner of Pebble and S Las Vegas Blvd

Going South on Hwy 15

- Take exit “Blue Diamond Road”

- Turn left onto Blue Diamond Road / East Windmill Lane (direction East)

- Turn right onto South Las Vegas Blvd (direction South)

- The Location is at the corner of Pebble and S Las Vegas Blvd